Whether you are seeking to enhance the abrasion/chemical resistance or aesthetic appearance of parts, our extensive plating capabilities will fulfill your custom finishing requirements and passes through a combination of preplating, plating, and postplating. If required, plating certification can be provided

We offer electroless plating, galvanized immersion, and spraying processes. Plated parts supplied by us fulfill the corrosion control, functional, and decorative finishing requirements of our customers. Production Materials’ custom plated components are available in diverse finishes such as black oxide, zinc, cadmium, and chrome.

PMI offers both barrel and rack capabilities. To ensure compliance with specific finish requirements, plated components can be tested for characteristics such as solderability, adhesion, and corrosion resistance.
Unit of Measure


Selected Industries Served

N/A Agricultural Construction Consumer Tools Electronic Fluid Transmission Military Plumbing Power Generation Storage

Intended Application

N/A Burners Construction Tools Engines Faucets Furnaces Grooming Products Hand Tools Hose Reels Power Tools

Industry Standards

N/A ISO 9001:2015 RoHS Compliant

Plating/Finish Type

N/A Black Oxide Black Teflon Brass Cadmium Chromate Chrome Color Coated Dacromet® Electropolishing Galvanized Geomet® Magni® Nickel Plated Nylon coating Paint Phosphate Plastisol Poly Seal Teflon Wax Xylan® Zinc

Metals Plated

N/A Brass Copper Inconel® Monel® Steel Alloy

Plating Characteristics

N/A Abrasion Resistant Appearance Improvement Chemical Resistant Corrosion Resistant Cosmetic Decorative Electrically Conductive Lubrication Part Resizing Precision Protective Temperature Resistant Wear Resistant Weather Proofing

Production Volume

N/A Low Volume to Mid Volume

Lead Times Available

N/A Max - 3 Weeks Min - 1 Week


N/A Electroless Electroplating Immersion Spray


N/A Barrel Tanks Dip & Spin Rack Tanks

Preplate Operations

N/A Acid Rinse Drilling Grinding Passivating Phosphating Scrub Tank Solvent Degreasing Stripping

Postplate Operations

N/A Burnishing Grit Blasting Polishing Tumbling

Testing Ability

N/A Adhesion Coating Thickness Corrosion Resistance Solderability Steam Age Visual

File Formats


Plating Thickness

N/A Min - 0.0001”