• Standard Specalized Hardware

    Our hardware range includes threaded as well as non-threaded products, such as bolts, screws, washers, hose couplings, and clamps. Manufactured for use in construction tools, engines, furnaces, hose reels and many other applications. These items are available in both standard and custom sizes. We can provide UNC, UNF, ACME, and several other thread forms on our threaded fasteners.

    We supply fasteners in many lengths from different grades of steel and stainless steel. Rubber, and plastic fasteners can be fabricated as well. Anchor, countersunk, and carriage bolts with different head types are also available. Internally threaded rivets, 2-way nuts, self-locking pins, and split lock washers are some of our specialty products.

    We specialize in low as well as high volume production of these fasteners. Minor assembly work is also performed for customers. We supply fasteners to meet standards including ASME, IFI, AM, ISO, DIN, JIS, DFARS and others as specified.

  • Custom Metal Plating Services

    Whether you are seeking to enhance the abrasion/chemical resistance or aesthetic appearance of parts, our extensive plating capabilities will fulfill your custom finishing requirements and passes through a combination of preplating, plating, and postplating. If required, plating certification can be provided. 

    We offer electroless plating, galvanized immersion, and spraying processes. Plated parts supplied by us fulfill the corrosion control, functional, and decorative finishing requirements of our customers. Production Materials’ custom plated components are available in diverse finishes such as black oxide, zinc, cadmium, and chrome.

    PMI offers both barrel and rack capabilities. To ensure compliance with specific finish requirements, plated components can be tested for characteristics such as solderability, adhesion, and corrosion resistance.

  • Assembly Services

    Our assembly capabilities include supplying box build assemblies and various types of kits. Production Materials has over 27 years of experience in distributing fully assembled and tested parts.

    At Production Materials, experienced staff assemble custom components that comply with your exact design specifications. Our expertise lies in packaging anchors, bolts, fasteners, and other small parts in custom kits suitable for retail sales or for inclusion in ready-to-assemble parts. A dedicated packaging division handles kitting services such as heat sealing, sorting, and custom packaging. We also offer capping, cutting, drilling, and inspection services.

  • Packaging Services

    Production Materials provides custom packaging solutions to customers ranging from agricultural, construction, as well as hand and power tool manufacturing markets. From bearings and bolts to steel balls, we offer contract packaging services for a wide range of custom components.

    With in-house bagging, blister packing, point of purchase (POP) packaging, and shrink wrapping capabilities, we meet all complex packaging challenges. Production Materials’ engineering staff can assist you in determining the most cost-effective packaging style, material, and size for your products. Our packaging lines enable us to meet your low and high volume packaging requirements.

    We offer diverse packaging options, including pouches, packets, cardboard, and thermoformed plastic to meet the demands of your unique products. For traceability and authentication, product packages are supplied with bar codes and custom labels. Our blister and clamshell packages provide protection and visibility to OEM components.

  • Managed Inventory Solutions

    At Production Materials, we provide complete inventory management and supply chain solutions starting with complete in-house inspection capabilities, material procurement and on-site inventory management. Our inventory control processes include tracking, receiving, and inspection of inbound inventory. Relabeling and repacking services for custom parts are available.

    We specialize in organizing freight and logistics to different locations in North America, Asia, and Europe. Our logistic services are widely used by custom manufacturers from the power generation, fluid transmission, and furnace/burner making industries.

    A wide array of options are available including blanket releases from PMI inventory, bar coded bin recycling and site specific managed inventory.